I’m using different SSID’s for different purposes.

I’m using OH7GGX-1 with UiView in my hamshack. I have two Kantronics All-Mode TNC’s connected to my computer. I can use them both simultaneously with AGW Packet Engine. Radios are Yaesu FT-817ND and FTM-350AE.

OH7GGX-4 is for cycling and jogging. I had OpenTracker+ and GPS-mouse packed in belt bag, but sold them. I’m possibly trying to make new tracker with AVR chip. I have some great GPS modules to integrate in same enclosure with tracker. Radio used with this setup is nice little Yaesu VX-2R.

I have two different setups for this SSID. Nowadays I’m mostly using Yaesu FTM-350AE with internal GPS. Another option so called “HaMDR”. It’s old data radio modem with new amateur radio firmware. It has tracker and radio in same enclosure, but it will need external GPS.

That’s my igate project build around WX3in1+ embedded igate from Microsat. Radio is Radiometrix NRX-1 radiomodule for 144.800MHz APRS frequency. This igate is powered with lead-acid batteries. Internet connection is 3G mobile connection. 3G modem is Huawei E220 connected to Telewell router. Whole project is packed in one enclosure. Outside of enclosure, there is Kenwood Band-Pass Filter and homemade 2m Pre-Amplifier. Antenna is Aerial 1/4-GP at 18m above ground level.

Where am I going? Here are some possibilities: