CQ World Wide 160m CW Contest

I participated in the CQ World Wide 160m CW contest last weekend. There were many stations around the world on the air. Even with my poor antenna and low power I made 260 QSO’s. I did not take the competition too seriously and worked just about little less than 13 hours. So my off time was over 35 hours. At the first night I was supposed to work more but did fall a sleep soon when the contest started.

I worked 35 different DXCC’s and heard couple more but was not able to work them. I am happy with the results. It is not easy to get a QSO outside of Finland on the 160m band without heavy antennas. And of course the most important thing in contesting is to have fun.

Many thanks for everyone for QSO’s. It would be nice to get your QSL cards via bureau. SWL cards are also welcome.

73 de Reijo OH7GGX


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