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5V regulation board using LM2575N-5.0

Here is a simple voltage regulation board for LM2575N-5.0 regulator. Depending on components used, it can supply maximum 1A current. LM2575 is a step-down switching type regulator. I made some tests between LM2575 and MC34063, and it seems that LM2575 was the better one in my case. Or at least it was easier to make it work reliably.

There is two versions. Both circuits are from datasheet. One with only one inductor and second one with additional filter. In many cases the simpler one is just fine. I made the second one for use with equipment that needs clean voltage. It’s not bad even without additional filter. For comparison, with MC34063 it seems to be needed much more filtering. These were not professional tests, so someone might get different results.

If you need a really clean voltage, then you should use linear regulator. Switching regulator is not always a best choice, but it will have good efficiency. With filtering, it can be used on many cases.

You need to ensure the current rating of inductors. Capacitors should have low ESR.

Here is the simpler circuit and board for it:

LM2575 circuit without additional filter.

LM2575 board without additional filter.


Here is the circuit with additional filter:

Circuit with additional filter.

Board with additional filter.