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Eagle: Text tool and Gerber files

I had a problem with┬átext tool in Eagle. Text was normal in Eagle, but when exported it was bigger than it should. That’s not good when you are sending Gerber files for manufacturing.

Here is an example:

Text seems to be normal in Eagle.

This happens when exported. Text is overlapping with another.










Problem was that I was using proportional font-setting instead of vector. When exporting Gerber files, there is no support for proportional font and that’s why it happens. So, always use vector setting when you are going to export your design.

To solve problem, select “info” tool and click your text.

There is “Font” selection. Change “proportional” to “vector”.

Now, text should be seen as it will be exported.

To avoid this in future, you can change your user interface settings. On Eagle’s main display, select Options -> User interface.

This kind of window should open:

Check option “Always vector font”.

That’s it.