Here are some interesting websites related to amateur radio and electronics.

Last update 20 January 2017

Clubs, leagues, etc:

The Finnish Amateur Radio League – SRAL
Our national amateur radio organization.

Radio club of North Karelia – Pohjois-Karjalan radiokerho ry OH7AB –
Local radio club in Joensuu Finland.

Ham radio operators:

Manu OH7UE has many interesting technical articles on his website. Antennas, linear amplifiers, etc.

Eikka OH7KNM is also skilled in electronics.

Kari OH7HXH. Antennas, EME, etc.


Mouser Electronics
Almost all components you may need for your electronics project.

Amateur radio stuff:

Club Log
On Club Log you can create statistics, match QSO’s, request QSL cards, etc.

WA7BNM Contest Calendar
Almost every big (and smaller) amateur radio contest is listed here.

NG3K – Announced DX operations
If you are hunting DXCC’s this might help. Check when rare DX is coming on the air.

Learn CW Online
Great place to learn CW and practice your skills. No need to install softwares on your computer. Only web browser and speakers (or headphones) are needed.

General logging software for Windows. I have used it many years. It has all I need for everyday QSO’s.

N1MM Logger
Contest logging software for Windows. This is what I am using in contests.

Logging software for Mac OS X. I’m using it to print my QSL cards, marking incoming cards and creating some statistics on my Mac.