Hello. My name is Reijo Mantsinen. My amateur radio callsign is OH7GGX. I was born on 1986 in Joensuu. I have three professions, one with media and two with electronics and electricity.

I have been licensed radio amateur since 2002. I was in secondary school when I decided finally take part to an amateur radio exam. I was interested about radios since I was a little kid. Before I got my amateur radio license, I was very active with CB-radio. Nowadays, I don’t use CB-radios (I still have one) anymore. Amateur radio is way more fascinating.

I enjoy working DX’s on HF. You can find my DXCC listing on it’s own page. I’m especially interested in SSB and CW. Sometimes I’m working with RTTY mode, but not so much with other digital modes. I also like contesting. My favourite contests are CQWW CW, SSB and RTTY-parts. I’m usually taking part of some other big contests also when possible. I don’t like those contests which have difficult rules or very much information to exchange with others. Contest organizers, please keep it simple. That’s much more fun.

Electronics has interested me from my childhood also. It’s my other profession, but it is also a hobby. On this website I’m trying to focus on the hobby side of electronics. I like to build different kind of equipments for amateur radio. My other hobbies are music and photography. I like also moving in nature.

I’m a member of our local radio club Radio club of North Karelia OH7AB. I’m also member of our national amateur radio organization: The Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL).

If we have made a contact with radio, please send me a QSL-card. If you want to contact me by e-mail, here is the address: oh7ggx ( ├Ąt ) sral.fi .

Thanks for visiting my website. I hope that you have found it useful. And welcome back again.

Best regards,
Reijo Mantsinen (OH7GGX)